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October 22, 2020 in Blogs

Best Foldable Pilates Machines

Best Foldable Pilates Machines

With a surge in popularity, is the foldable worth the investment?

If you’re familiar with Pilates, you might have previously heard about foldable reformers. If you’re thinking of making the purchase, you might be curious to see the different benefits of this machine. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about fold up Pilates reformers, so you can decide on the best foldable Pilates reformer, or if it’s not for you.

Why get a foldable reformer?

When you first look at any reformer machine, you might be overwhelmed. Its design makes it look like it is for more experienced individuals, but in fact, it’s excellent for all levels

Firstly, a reformer isn’t originally designed to be foldable; however, with modern space requirements, there has been a surge in foldable and portable reformers, which gives you more options to choose from when selecting a machine.

By using a foldable reformer machine, you can improve your core muscles, posture, and flexibility in the comfort of your own home. A foldable machine is designed to store away easily, so you can maximize space in your home or apartment. You can choose to store it under your bed, in a wardrobe upright, or in a storage unit out of the way. Essentially, it saves space and can be out of view when not in use. 

Foldable vs. Portable reformers

Both foldable and portable reformers are beneficial, and when choosing between the two, it will depend on the space in your home and also your budget. 

With a foldable reformer, you can fold the top carriage part in half, and this can rest on a lower frame. Like the Aero Pilates Stamina line, the lower frame easily dissembles, so essentially you can pack away the complete reformer. 

Some other foldable reformers can fold upon themselves and, when completely folded, make a tight, compact unit.

Portable reformers can include both foldable reformers and non-foldable reformers. They also include reformers that can easily be moved around the room with wheels, like the Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer, which has a wheelset included.

You can also stack these types of reformers against a wall. However, the Allegro 2 is not foldable and does not collapse, although, it is classified as being portable. We hope that’s clear!

Pros and Cons of going foldable

The Pros

The main benefit of a foldable reformer machine is that it saves space, whilst still allowing you to enjoy a great exercise in your own home. These reformers are much cheaper than other similar machines and excellent for entry-level beginners. The Aero Pilates Stamina Line also provides a good range of options to choose from. It’s also appropriate as a starting option, if you aren’t sure how much you will be committed to the device.

The Cons

Foldable reformers are much weaker than other machines, as the bottom frame dissembles and the top frame folds. It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t expect the same experience on this type of reformer when comparing it to one in a Pilates studio. You might also find it challenging to incorporate in a daily practice, if you need to assemble and disassemble the machine each time you use it.  Finally, this type of machine is usually limited on the number and advancement of exercises that you can do on it.

Pros & Cons foldable reformer – table



My Foldable Pilates Reformer

If you’re looking for a great overall reformer in this category, check out the different machines specs on the AeroPilates line below. We think with their array of foldable machines and quality at this level, they fit into best foldable Pilates reformers.

The machines support low impact exercises and allow you to become healthier and leaner, all whilst having fun. They are also suitable for the budget-conscious buyer!

AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer

Stamina AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer, foldable reformer in best foldable Pilates reformers

Dimensions: Assembled = 86.25 L x 20 W x 14 H inches or Folded = 44 L x 20 W x9 H inches (off the stand)

Taller cardio rebounder, furry hand and foot straps, pulley risers, padded wider foot bar, large stand, adjustable headrest with pillow.

AeroPilates Reformer 651

Woman kneeling on AeroPilates Reformer 651, with right strap in hand doing Pilates exercises.

Dimensions: 86.2 L x 20 W x 34.5 H inches

Padded foot bar, four cord resistance, patented cardio rebounder, pulley risers, furry hand and foot straps, adjustable headrest, and foam shoulder pads.

AeroPilates Reformer 266

Lady using AeroPilates Reformer 266, lying on back and jumping off the end rebounder.

Dimensions: : 85 L x 20 W x 35 H inches

Three cord resistance, patented cardio rebounder, padded foot bar and textured standing platform, furry hand and foot straps, adjustable headrest and shoulder pads, included stand.

The following machines use a rail that collapses into itself, so can be collapsed for storage. 

The Balanced Body Pilates IQ Reformer, with wheelbarrow and library wheels, can be stored upright or underneath the bed.

The specifications are as follows: 98″ long (extended), 62″ collapsed, and 24″ wide, included foot bar is 18″ high and weighs 70 lbs.

Lady packing away the Balanced Body Pilates IQ Reformer

The dma Clinical Pilates reformer is a collapsible and is classified as both a foldable and portable reformer. When entirely collapsed, it can easily be moved around, as it’s very compact and lightweight at 17kg. 

Lady using the dma Clinical Pilates reformer, sitting facing the back of the reformer with feet on headrest and hands in straps and elbows bent by her sides.

Whether you use a folding Pilates machine or a portable Pilates reformer, each will help you on your fitness journey. You can exercise comfortably in your own home, and enjoy a low-impact workout that is careful on your joints.  

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