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October 19, 2020 in Blogs

Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer Review

Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer Review

Get up and close with the Allegro 2 beauty

Here’s to the rise and rise of Pilates!  Its popularity has surged, as more people try out a reformer class and start to see and feel the amazing benefits of a reformer session. Here we review the ins & outs of the Allegro 2.

Yes, reformer classes are pretty expensive, so more people are looking at options to buy a home reformer, so they can practice when they like at the level they like! And why not? We are more connected than ever and with live classes now, we can simply tune into a class being taught down under in Australia!

Our Rating On Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer


About the Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer

Are you looking for a machine that encourages you to keep up with your practice? We think this is it!

The Allegro 2 reformer by Balanced Body is one of the most stylish reformers out.  It’s a beauty! It’s a reformer that you can have sitting right in your living room! The frame is white powder coated anodized aluminum. Its finish is impeccable; with the carriage upholstery being top quality, durable, and having an anti-bacterial protection finish. The color of the carriage is storm (dark gray) but it does come in another 9 colors. And then there are custom colors to choose form on top of this.

But it’s just not about how the Allegro 2 looks but all the top specs that it has.  You really can tell that you are using a top reformer when you are on this machine. It simply glides on its 8 wheel system, smooth and silent quality ride. The straps and cords are very soft to hold and have around your feet.

The headrest adjusts from flat to 2 additional levels of incline. However, as we have written, we are big, big fans of just using a small soft Pilates ball for your headrest! It really does make the perfect headrest and automatically sets to be the perfect height, support, whilst being super comfy.

Like any reformer, it’s heavy, you are going to need 2 strong people to lift it and move it about. The Allegro 2 is designed so it can stand-up long ways. However, again you do need 2 people to assist you to move it in and out of this position.  One option you might want to consider is buying the reformer with the wheel kit, this helps with moving it about.

The Allegro II has a 5 spring set, with 3 reds, 1 blue and 1 yellow spring. The red spring is heavy to the lighter yellow spring.


About The Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer

A word on assembly of the machine

It comes pretty well much pre-assembled. The carriage is already on the rollers. You will need to assemble the ropes, risers (at the back of the machine),and the foot bar. There are plenty of YouTube clips and even manufacturer DVDs to watch, to be able to do this.  Most people are very surprised how easy this part is, even for the technically challenged of us!

It’s a machine to be enjoyed!

Product Specs For Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer


9” or 15”(with legs)






200 lbs

Foot Bar Positions


Carriage Upholstery

Heavy duty vinyl, standard machine comes in gray storm

Box/Jump Board

Yes & yes will need to purchase separately


Can add wheel kit & stackable

Vertical Tower

Yes, can add


10yr on frame & foot bar

Product Specs For Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer

What we like

Just about everything about this machine extrudes class, style, functionality, and top-quality when it comes to reformers.

From the frame looking super sleek and stylish, to it being an extremely quiet and a smooth ride. Balanced Body has put a lot of thought into this machine and it’s a huge improvement in both appearance and ease of use, from the Allegro I. 

Some of the unique qualities of the Allegro II

From a machine of this caliber, you can expect to add, sitting box, footplate (jump board), platform extender, vertical tower. Note these accessories are add-ons to the reformer itself and must be purchased separately.

What we don’t like

There really isn’t much we can fault with this machine.

 If you are purchasing it, you are going to want to buy the ‘legs’. Without the legs, the total height of the machine is only 9”, so low to the ground. With ‘legs’ the height increases to 15”.

The carriage travel length at 39”, this is a little shorter than some Reformers but probably shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

Another point to note is the frame and foot bar warranty is 10yrs, most other professional reformers will offer a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Some Of The Unique Qualities Of The Allegro II​

Our Buying Advice

If you do have the finances and want a high-quality machine, the Allegro 2 fits the description perfectly.  It comes with all the extras if you want to add them, like the sitting box, jump board, foot strap, platform extender, and Allegro 2 Tower retrofit kit. We recommend adding the sitting box, jump board, and foot strap, as they really do add to the variety of exercises you can do on the machine.

A last comment on the price

The Allegro 2 is certainly in the upper quartile range when it comes to price, however, we don’t consider excessively so when it is stacked up against its rivals, and considering the overall quality of the machine that you are purchasing.  

If you are looking for the long term benefits of a reformer practice and a machine that you want to practice on, the Allegro 2 is hard to beat.

Final Word

The Allegro 2 is a great machine and certainly has been a leading star reformer for Balanced Body.  It continues to be a top seller and feedback for it is almost always 5 stars. We like to award it that too!

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