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We are a group of Pilates instructors and enthusiasts who are passionate and dedicated to Pilates. We love Pilates and believe in all the benefits that a regular practice brings to you, both to your physical body and wellbeing.

We dedicate our love to the reformer here, which is a machine that you can do so many exercises on, that you can’t possibly get bored!  We review what to look for when buying a home reformer, reformer props & equipment, and also how to take care of your new reformer.

We believe that you shouldn’t just have to go to a studio to practice but you can bring the practice home and have a reformer at home, to choose when and where to practice. 

With the rise and rise of the online teaching world, you can now tune in to an assortment of styles and Pilates classes, right from the comfort of your home. You also have the option of personal 1-1 tuition with your instructor. Pilates classes are expensive at a studio, so the home reformer now allows you to practice when you like, with whom you like, whilst avoiding the class cost and drive to the studio.

We hope you get to see all the great benefits of Pilates Reformer and why so many people now love this exercise. As Joseph Pilates said –

Every moment of life can be the beginning of great things

Joseph Pilates

Celebs Loving Reformer and Their Pilates Bodies

We are here to help our Pilates community, so if you have any questions about reformers and using the reformer, please let us know by contacting us, we would love to hear from you! Equally, we do our upmost to make sure our content is relevant, concurrent, and correct on our pages but if you do note any details that may not be correct, please do let us know.

We hope you get to move your body, get the strength, body alignment, core stability, and activate your ‘powerhouse’, with your practice on the reformer!

From our Pilates family to yours, “See you on the reformer!”

Victoria and Team

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