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July 11, 2022 in Blogs

Align Pilates Pro Reformer series

Align Reformer 2

Align Pilates is a UK branded Reformer and is a high range performing Reformer machine for its price. In the Align Pilates pro reformer series there are both home and commercial machines.

About Align Pilates Reformer

Both machines in the series as the Align Pilates C2 Pro  and Align Pilates C8 Pro  have precision aluminum PU wheels for a smooth ride up the carriage and come the with aluminum chaise. The Reformer is 94” (239.5cm) long and 26” (66cm) wide and has a carriage travel length of 42” (106.5cm).  It has solid and comfortable padding on the bed and shoulder blocks. The spring set is high quality with 3 spring colors; strong (green), medium (red) and light (blue) set that come with the Reformer.

We like the external foot bar, so you can bring it all the way down and has 4 different lockable positions. The gearbox at the front has 3 positions and also comes with a rubber stopper, which stops the carriage coming any further forward. This is good if you are taller and want more room when doing leg work with your feet on the foot bar or front facing lunges, with your back foot up into the shoulder block.

Let’s have a look at the accessories for the Reformer:

Align Pilates pro reformer with sitting box in short box position
Align Pilates Reformer with Pro sitting box in short box position
  1. Pro Sitting box
  2. Jump board
  3. Leg extensions – on the bottom of the Reformer to raise it in height
  4. Platform extender
  5. Gondola Pole
  6. Mattress cover
  7. Half Cadillac – end tower to attached to the end of the Reformer

If you are going to choose only 2 accessories to add, we would go for the leg extensions to the bottom of the Reformer and platform extender. The leg extensions will raise the Reformer further up off the ground, as without them the Reformer is very low lying, and for some could be more challenging to get on and off the machine. The platform extender is helpful for doing any standing work up on the Reformer, as the inbuilt wooden platform is not that wide. Our third choice of accessory would be the Pro sitting box, to add a bit of diversity and variation to your workout.

Product Specs for Align Pilates C2 version

What We Like


9” (24cm)


94”  (239.5cm)


26” (66cm)


108 lbs (49kg)

Foot Bar Positions

4 lockable positions

Carriage Travel Length

42” (106.5cm)

Box/Jump Board

Yes & Yes, need to purchase as optional extras


Comes with wheels, stackable

Vertical Tower



Studio Warranty

The Align Pilates pro C2 is a high quality branded Reformer using quality materials. The external foot bar (on the outside of the Reformer chaise as opposed to inside the chaise) is definitely a bonus, which allows you to lower it completely down and out of the way when using the foot platform. We like there are 4 different height settings for the foot bar and both the gearbox and stopper are easy to adjust.  

What Could Use some improving

The inbuilt foot platform is not that wide, we feel that Align could make this a little wider so you can confidentially stand on the platform without having to purchase the platform extender.

The foot bar is not as sturdy to hold, compared to the Allegro II Body Balance, it’s much slimmer. It would’ve been nice to have a thicker foot bar, so when doing any reverse moves with your heel or heels on the foot bar it was sturdier to push off from.

Tall people, we think there are better Reformers out there for taller and larger people. The carriage size is 29” x 36” (58cm x 91.5cm). We would recommend you look at Body Balance Allegro 1 or the Extra Length Reformer that are sized larger or any other Reformer that has a larger carriage size

Align Pilates Reformer showing spring set, Green, Red and Blue springs and gearbox
Align Pilates Reformer showing spring set, Green, Red and Blue springs and gearbox

Spring set – the springs are green (the hardest), red (middle) and blue (lighter). The Blue spring is really not that light (and is a ½ spring not a ¼ spring) and for any upper body work as draw the sword could be too heavy for most users. You can always change down to using the larger strap (rather than the small strap) but even so, we feel this is still a very heavy spring. Conversely, when working into the abdominals it would be good to have a lighter ¼ spring that comes with the Reformer. You can purchase the yellow ¼ spring, however this is at an additional cost.

Our Buying Advice

We still consider the Align Pilates a great branded Reformer. However, just take into consideration when purchasing the Reformer the accessories that you still need to add onto the overall purchase price. We would recommend getting the ¼ light yellow spring, especially for arm work.

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